Morning Song – Sarah Pabst (signed)


Raya Editorial, 2021
Hardcover, 16 x 22 cm
124 pages, color photographs
English and Spanish text


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“On 20 March, Argentina entered a total blockade situation that everyone expected to end quickly, but which instead lasted several months, much longer than we thought.
… I had to explain to my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter that she could no longer play outside, that the kindergarten was closed and that we couldn’t visit other people.

I felt like I was drowning in chaos: our routine, our home, everything was in disarray.
We were struggling with our daily lives. I felt trapped, like a caged animal in a megalopolis. From the terrace I looked at the treetops in front of our building and felt a desperate need to connect with nature.

After a month I found out I was pregnant. A sudden stillness took the place of chaos. It was as if, after spinning at high speed, the world had been put on pause. In the middle of quarantine, after several days of heavy emotions, my body decided to terminate the pregnancy before it had even really started. Deep sadness and guilt followed: I felt betrayed by my own body.

To fight against an oppressive feeling of immobility, I picked up my camera and started documenting the life around me: my daughter, my partner, myself and what I missed so much: nature, small moments outdoors, forbidden walks in a nearby lagoon where I encountered a magical world. Nature had regained space, the lake was crystal clear in the middle of Buenos Aires, teeming with birds and fish. I began to feel my part in a larger ecosystem, as a mother and as a woman.” – Sarah Pabst

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