My Husband – Tokuko Ushioda


Torch Press, 2022
2 volumes, 19 x 24 cm
198 pages, b/w photographs
English and Japanese text

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Each day, after night fell and residents of the house were fast asleep, our refrigerator made a loud rumble, followed by odd singing sounds. Hearing that awoke inside me my unknown worries about nothing in particular, yet about everything in the future. After some time, the moon and stars would fade into the distance. Outside of our large window with no curtains was a dark forest that I would stare at. Soon enough, I would drift into sleep.
– Tokuko Ushioda

The joyful days with her husband, Shinzo Shimao, and daughter, Maho in a one-room unit of a Western-style house and her solitude she faced alone in the quiet night; Dormant for 40 years, the story of these photographs is finally uncovered.
A set of two books, one with the 6×6 photographs and one with the 35mm shots.

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