Nakazora – Masao Yamamoto (I limited edition with print)


Nazraeli, 2002
Ist edition of 100 numbered copies
Plexiglas case with 5 meters roll
46 photographs

+ original signed print

Perfect overall conditions

In stock

Nakazora’ is a Buddhist term that has multiple meanings, including ‘the space between heaven and earth, a state where the feet do not touch the ground, the centre of heaven, the zenith’. This combination of definitions and implications leads one to think about the spiritual, and in particular how the physical world can reflect that ‘other’ world. It is a perfect word to use in relation to Yamamoto’s work, not least because we are not dealing with a book but a long 5-metre scroll to be unrolled. The timelessness of Yamamoto’s images lends itself magnificently to this scrolling presentation; the scroll was one of the first vehicles used for visual memorisation. Nakazora combines the aesthetic and tactile attributes of this traditional and unique format with the advantages of modern printing technology.

Edition of 100 numbered copies in plexiglas case including an original signed print

Weight 3 kg
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