Nika Forever – Slavica Perkovic


Steidl, 2012
Softbound, 18 x 25,5 cm
112 pages, color photographs
English text

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Slavica Perkovic, talking about the first time she met Nika, says, “From the first time I saw her, she seemed less unknown to me than any other member of my family; I found something of myself in her.” She already knew that the one between them would have been a long-term relationship.

Nika Forever explores the life of this little girl from age six to eighteen, taking note of her physical changes, her posture, her gaze.
It is a sincere book: the author does not sweeten anything and does not add anything. She simply follows with a sweet, never voyeuristic, almost big sister-like gaze the changes, sometimes natural, sometimes painful, that we all experience while growing up.

Also the choice of paper is peculiar, which for sure does not do justice to the images, dampening the colors and removing definition, but that immediately brings us back to a Christmas movie atmosphere of the 90s, discovering us at times nostalgic. This choice also contributes to leaving us, the spectators, free to shape the story, filling it and coloring it with the memories we have of our childhood.

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