No System – Vinca Petersen (2nd signed edition)


Self, 2020 (2nd edition)
Softbound, 18.5 x 25 cm
160 pages, 180 color photographs
English text

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Vinca Petersen’s life is that of a contemporary nomad. Her life revolves around music and that’s why for a couple of years she wandered around Europe with a group of young people, organizing illegal music events and raves.
Vinca Petersen lived with her friends in old vans, buses or caravans. These young nomads were constantly searching for wastelands or abandoned buildings to set up their station and pump techno music.

‘No System’ was born as his personal documentation of this lifestyle. Petersen has photographed life in these communities every day. Here the photographs are accompanied by notes in her diary that describe their autonomy and the self-organization of the “tribes”.

The story of a “wild” life, out of the box and linked only to self-imposed rules. “No System” wants to be Petersen’s welcome in her life beyond the ordinary.

Reprint identical to the 1st edition of 1999 published by Steidl.

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Dimensions 18,5 × 25 cm
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