Noces – Gilbert Fastenaekens


Arp, 2003
Softcover, 40 x 32 cm
56 pages, b/w photographs
French and English text

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Noces rigorously describes a corner of the landscape, a limited portion of forest in the Champagne-Ardenne region photographed in great detail between 1988 and 1996.
Nature is photographed up close, in minute detail, encircling the viewer, disorienting him or her almost to the point of overwhelming.
Gilbert Fastenaekens approaches the dense nature, austere and delicate at the same time, of this mighty and disordered vegetation, photographing it again and again until he exhausts the limits of his photographic research.

“After a certain time, by dint of being there, when I no longer expect anything, when I have forgotten why I came, when any idea of ​​escape or emergency is no longer valid, arrive rare moments, strong and serene sensations, which allowed me to feel fully in the moment of things. I feel, despite myself, that I become the landscape, I become the tree, the stone, an element of the landscape, accepting the present time for what it is, thereby revealing its meaning. I flow with it and I humbly feel that the symbolic passage from the temporal to the spatial dissipates the ephemeral to indicate only the present moment in space.”
— Gilbert Fastenaekens.

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