Nos vies partagees – Patrick Taberna (signed)


Contrejours, 2022
Hardcover, 20 x 26 cm
96 pages, color photographs
French text


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The habit of traveling light and off the beaten path that Patrick Taberna and partner Sylvie acquired when they were students has continued following the birth of their children. They embarked on journeys open to the unexpected, little prepared except by reading travel writers such as Nicolas Bouvier, to Ceylon and then to Switzerland, a nearby destination that was familiar and quiet, yet inspiring, on a par with another mountain country: the Basque Country and the familiar village of Musculdy. The birth of his children, Clément and Héloïse, greatly broadened the perspective and subject matter of Patrick’s photographic travels. They are enriched by the sensory discovery of the world, the ephemeral realm of toys, the appearance of time, hands caressing flowers and earth. Then adolescence, barely hinted at, like a knife, as Patrick and Sylvie move toward the “prime of life.”

Signed by the author

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