Notte e dì. Immagini di settembre della Festa Nazionale dell’Unità, Reggio Emilia 1983 / Barbieri, Basilico, Castella, Cresci, Ghirri

Il Quadrante, 1984
Softbound, 21,5 x 26,5
72 pages, color and black and white photographs
Italian text

Perfect conditions

Festa Nazionale dell’Unità is the popular annual festival then organised by the Italian Communist Party.

The town of Reggio Emilia has a long and strong history of alliance with the socialist and communist parties of Italy. The images in this book were taken in 1983 – the great Enrico Berlinguer was still alive (he will die in 1984): he is considered the most popular leader of the Italian Communist Party, through the Years of Lead and social conflicts.

Far from a stereotyped description, Barbieri, Basilico, Castella, Cresci and Ghirri recount the event each one in his own way – always peculiar and non ritual – encouraging us to question the reasons that have made the Festa Nazionale dell’Unità an unprecedented and innovative political and cultural happening.

Look at Ghirri’s iconic image of Berlinguer speaking to the crowd (above): the leader is photographed from behind, towering above the huge crowd. In the book, the caption under the image says: Today, in Reggio Emilia, was the longest day. Sharp and ironic captions contribute to a deeper understanding of the social significance of the happening.

A beautiful and rare book.

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