Notte – Olivo Barbieri


Arti Grafiche Friulane, 1991
Softcover, 29 x 28 cm
128 pages, color photographs
Italian text

Condizioni perfette, pari al nuovo

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There is danger but also freedom. There are those who never sleep: artists, murderers, players… taverns, chip shops, cafes are still open. We greet each other, we recognize ourselves among those who live at night. And while daylight is accusatory, the darkness at night bears forgiveness.

At night, men can dress as women, transforming their appearance in the way nature tells them. Nobody cares, nobody bothers them, nobody asks for a reason at night.

The crippled come out, the blind, the lame, people that daytime rejects. The night in the city is a pocket turned upside down. Stray dogs come out too, looking for leftovers in the darkness.
How many dogs can live without anybody taking care of them.
At night, the city is a civilized country.

Olivo Barbieri (born 1954) is an Italian artist known for creating photographs that destabilize our understanding of humankind’s relationship to both urban and natural environments

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