Nucleo – Wouter Van de Voorde (with signed print)


Area Books, 2023
Softcover, 24 x 32 cm
Color and b/w photographs
English text

Edition of 500 copies accompanied by a signed print

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‘Nucleo’ is a visual odyssey that traces the life of Van de Voorde’s family from the birth of their son Felix, a journey that spans a decade. The book is presented with a horizontal layout folded in two, which subverts the typical chronological flow: opening the work, the reader encounters the last image of September 2023, which directs the reading in reverse order to the actual temporality of the events. Thus, the conventional concept of time is challenged: while events unfold in a linear manner, the perception of mnemonic time develops retrospectively.
Thus, retrospectively, the narrative of ‘Nucleo’ unfolds.

The theme of isolation is also central to ‘Nucleo’: the family described in the book is portrayed as existing in a state of self-sufficiency. The sequence unfolds, mysterious and suspended, through shared moments amidst the pristine, and at times violent, nature of the Australian bush.

Edition of 500 copies accompanied by a print signed by the author

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