Ol Pejeta – Jack Davison


Loose Joints, 2021
Softcover, 24.5×26.5 cm
The book is wrapped in a poster measuring 54.5×75 cm
44 pages, color and b/w photographs
English text

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“On the day Sudan died, everything appeared monumental and ordinary at the same time”.

Najin and Fatu are the last two specimens of the northern white rhinoceros, mother and daughter respectively; creatures whose species is on the verge of extinction, dramatically endangered by decades of poaching and the constant reduction of their habitat, relegating them to a patch of grass. Scientists speak of functional extinction, a state of existential limbo due to the total absence of male specimens (the last living one, Sudan, died in 2018) with which to safeguard the species through natural reproduction.

The two rhinos, known as the girls’, live side by side in the Ol Pejeta reserve in Laikipia County, central Kenya; they have armed guards watching over them, guardians of a natural jewel that would disappear without their intervention. English photographer Jack Davison was commissioned by the New York Times to travel to the reserve to document the success of in-vitro fertilisation of rhino ovocytes, the only real hope of saving the species from extinction.

Davison’s photographs are able not only to restore to us the grace and power of Najin and Fatu, a species characterised by a perfect balance between total calmness and brute strength, but also the intimate spiritual and physical connection between the rhinos and their keepers.
Ol Pejeta is ultimately a story of contrasts: on the one hand, the profound tragedy of yet another species disappearing from the history of life, and on the other hand, the hope and optimism embodied by science and innovation as a possible remedy to the fragility of the natural world.

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