On nous a dit qu’il n’y avait rien et nous sommes allés le chercher – Israel Ariño


Ediciones Anomalas, 2021 Hardcover, 24×31 cm 144 pages, b/w photographs English and Spanish text

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“ This project has developed in two movements: that of the very action of walking, of covering the nooks and crannies of a given territory, and that of the continuous interrogation that, rather than search for answers, strove to think up new questions that would enable us to strike up a dialogue about possible realities. These walks were also stimulated by a double approach, that of photography and that of anthropology, that simultaneously suggested two different relationships and two different languages, combined to finally present a whole universe created as much out of listening and understanding human affairs as of the game of the gaze and interaction.”

Irma Estrada, from the text of the book

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