On The Sixth Day – Alessandra Sanguinetti (I edition)


Nazraeli Press, 2006
I edition
Hardcover, 30×33 cm
80 pages, 61 color photographs
Brief English text

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It sounds like the story of creation, this tale by Alessandra Sanguinetti.
It has something biblical, something mythological about it: the man who accompanies the animal, feeds it and educates it to lead it to the ultimate sacrifice.

The first thing that amazes us as we leaf through these pages is the violence, which is, however, very different from what we see when we buy meat in the supermarket. It is the violence necessary in human-animal interaction when the latter is a source of livelihood.
Every portrayal of an animal heralds sacrifice. To portray an animal is to give it a name, a connotation, and to give it a connotation is to condemn it to death.

Each image in this book gives us a disturbing portrait of the line we cross when we end a life, and of what it means to have a relationship of dominion over another living being.
It is possible that exploring the boundary that separates us from what we subjugate may lead us to a better understanding of our nature as human beings, and the world in which we exercise it.

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