One Circle – Fred Hüning (II edizione)

Peperoni Books, 2015 (II Ed)
Hardcover, 17 x 24 cm
216 pages, colour photographs
German and English text


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With his trilogy of personal works Fred Hüning has created a touching family story.
Already the first part ›one‹ is incredibly intimate and yet universal, because it concerns every single one of us, deals with life and death, restart and farewell, beauty and decay.
The nonlinear narrative can surely not be deciphered completely, but maybe that is the reason why the intensive pictures get directly under our skin.

The ›two‹ in the second part are a man and a woman. The image cycle shows how they meet, approach, begin to understand, find out that they belong to each other. Fred Hüning’s ›Sentimental Journey‹ leads directly to part three.

A man and a woman have a child. In ›three‹ we see how this third in the league is very small, becomes slightly larger and begins to discover the world of its own. Fred Hüning pictures show how the son grows up, but even more they show the mystery and wonder of childhood – and what it does to the small ones and the grown up. The photographer now certainly can look with childrens eyes again, and I bet he has learned this from the little boy.

›one circle‹ combines all three parts that have been published separately before in small editions, in one book.

– Hannes Wanderer


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