O’Post Mio – Francesca Leonardi


Postcart, 2020
Hardback, 21×16 cm
220 pages, color photographs
Italian and English text

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For eight years, photographer Francesca Leonardi followed the life of Claudia who, together with her daughters, occupied a house in Parco Saraceno, near Castel Volturno. In the early 1960s, when it was built by destroying a rich Mediterranean pine forest, it was the largest unofficial urban settlement in Europe.

“Claudia’s life resembles the fate of this pine forest. Violence and marginalisation have been poured over her body, transfiguring her life. Her beauty fights against an ongoing impoverishment, contaminated by poverty and crime. The love for her daughters is a clear attempt at redemption, a way of burying the abuses and reviving a pine forest as rich in sap as Parco Saraceno was”.

O’ Post Mio is a double journey: that of Claudia’s life, exploring the ways in which the territory can be reflected in a person’s story, and that of a photographer exploring the boundaries and conflicts of the documentary process.

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