Oreille coupée – Julien Coquentin


Lamaindonne, 2023
Hardcover, 20 x 25cm
152 pages, color photographs
French text

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In the form of an ecological and sociological investigation, Julien Coquentin penetrates the forest, follows its boundary, this boundary that the farmer disputes with wild animals.

“She walks slowly. For a hundred years, she has been hiding in the darkness of the forest. One of his ears was severed. His hair falls out, long gray and dirty tufts, a pale specter that no one looks at. Separated from its pack, we sometimes hear it moaning, while from the night comes the noise of animals: the trampling of wild boars, the death rattle of the deer, the flight of the barn. A fox yelps and the she-wolf murmurs her sorrow, alone and trapped between two worlds, a shadow that the hunter can no longer grasp and yet which fear still forces him to hide. A wandering wolf, she has crossed the century. Legend that only children stubbornly believed. The specter penetrated the woods, crossed the river and followed the boraldes to the mountain. And it is there that their traces are tied. The ghost wolf with the cut ear then leaned forward as her fellow creature passed by: a robust and living animal. So many years had passed and the beast had returned.” -Juliene Coquentin

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