Outs – various authors


Fw:Books, 2021
Flexible cover, 17×24 cm
140 pages, color photographs
English text

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Whenever constructing a visual narrative, one finds oneself in the uncomfortable position of having to decree which photographs to keep and which to omit. One stands as an all-powerful god to whom it falls the infamous task of shaping the destiny of one’s photographic project by making choices that are now surgical and almost cruel, now instinctive and driven by the most banal and primitive feelings.

This publication is presented as the summation of the vision of more than 70 photographers who were asked to donate a photograph of their own that was discarded in the ruthless game of editing while exerting a definite fascination on their creators. “Outs” is thus the collection of discarded material. Fleshing out the work, we see contributions from artists such as Ron Jude, Carolyn Drake, Geert Goiris, John Divola, Christian Patterson, Lise Sarfati, Alec Soth, Bryan Schutmaat, Mark Klett, Andres Gonzalez, Doug DuBois, Jim Goldberg, Susan Meiselas, Alex Prager, Brian Ulrich, Erik Kessels, Pieter Hugo, David Johnson, Jon Horvath, Ed Panar, and many others.

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