Passenger – Martin Bogren


Editions lamaindonne, 2021
Hardback, 20×26 cm
92 pages, black and white and color photographs
French and English

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A major figure of contemporary Swedish photography, Martin Bogren is creating a body of work where the personal and poetic dimension is getting stronger along with a practice of photography that finds its way in a form of path of initiation. For Passenger, even though the images were made in India through several trips to Calcutta, we should not read it as an Indian chronicle.

What we have here is totally something else, a form of wandering, which is not limited to a geographical journey, a test of distance or a confrontation to unknown environment and culture, to a change of scene.

The photographer delivers a series pierced by a form of abandonment, of letting go that he translates through rough or dreamlike images. His photographs suddenly appear as subjective visions that reveal ambivalences, angelic or monstruous figures, lightness and violence. For the first time, he includes color in his work, that he alternates with great coherence with his black & white approach. As a way to develop a language that allows him to experience the world and experience his self.


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