Peter Hujar’s Day – Linda Rosenkrantz


Magic Hour Press, 2021 (second printing)
Softcover, 13,5 x 20,5 cm
47 pages, black and white photographs

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On December 18, 1974, Linda Rosenkrantz asked her friend Peter Hujar to write down everything he did one day. Hujar met Rosenkrantz at her apartment on 94th street the following day where she asked him about it in detail. She tape-recorded their conversation and this book is a full transcript of that exchange, published here for the first time since it was recorded 47 years ago.

Author Linda Rosenkrantz has long believed in the power of conversation: a means of revealing those rich intersections between truth and fiction, life and art.
What begins as a trivial recollection of an unremarkable day unfolds not only as a fleeting resurrection of Peter’s social network – the scrappy stock of the 1970s downtown demimonde – but a poignant, unflinching expression of the way he saw the world, through the lens and out of it. In Peter Hujar’s Day, Rosenkrantz opens up about that conversation and their five-decade-long friendship.

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