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Photography. My Passion. My Life – Fan Ho (defective copy)

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WE Press, 2021
Hardcover, 26,5 x 33 cm
200 pages, b/w and color photographs
Chinese and English text

Brand new copy with light bump on the cover

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The book includes a selection of 138 photos by the famous Chinese photographer, interweaving his internationally renowned works with some previously unpublished ones. The book contains the essay “My Quest”, written by Fan Ho himself in the 1970s, in which his practice and stylistic path, influenced by the different photographic movements of the time, is explained. Through the essay we also learn of his interest in disciplines such as aesthetics, poetry and philosophy, whose values are also reflected in the photographs.

Fan Ho moved from the world of photography to the film industry while maintaining his enthusiasm for art. This transition is examined in an academic essay written by Dr. Timmy Chen, who researched Fan Ho’s cinema; accompanying the images is another essay, written by Law Kar, a film researcher and personal friend of Fan Ho.

Brand new, sealed copy with light bump in one corner of the cover

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