Photography Noir. Existence – Miron Zownir, Alexander Chekmenev, Rimaldas Vikšraitis


89 Books, 2023
Softcover, 24 x 34 cm
80 pages, 37 b/w photographs
English text

Edition of 300 copies

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The title Photography Noir. Existence draws inspiration from Miron Zownir’s 2017 book, Berlin Noir, inviting us to reflect on its connection to the film genre of the same name. Conceived by the French critic Nino Frank in 1946, the term ‘film noir‘ typically conjures up alluring scenes of dimly lit environments with sharp shadows, in smoke-filled bars, with melodramatic and neurotic characters, detectives, gangsters and femme fatales. However, it is hard to imagine anything further from the dreamlike and surreal worlds of film noir than the hard realism of the photographs by Alexander Chekmenev (Ukraine), Rimaldas Vikšraitis (Lithuania) and Miron Zownir (Germany).

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