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Volatile, 2022

Fine Art on Canson paper
Platine Fibre Rag, 310 gsm
Sheet 20x30cm
Image 17×23 cm
Edition of 22, signed and numbered

(100€ + IVA)

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Phoenix, Arizona, August 2022: the first trip, the first image taken. It was a rainy day and the brake warning lights were on. Their red light reverberated through the rain drops.
Volatile is also the title of the larger body of work, still in progress, realized between Italy and the States. Volatile is both an Italian and an English word; pronounced slightly differently, bearing similar but not identical meanings. In both cases it derives from the Latin word volare – to fly.

In Italian volàtile (pronounce it: vɔlacɪlɛ) indicates any being that flies; but also the tendency to vaporise easily, or an economic instability. Also, a volàtile memory is a computer unit that loses all information in the absence of power. In English it can relate to something likely to change suddenly and unexpectedly, usually by getting worse. Like someone getting angry.

Both words relate to the idea of flying.

This print was produced for Gaia Giani’s participatory performance PLAYLIST PLAYLAST. The Impossible Karaoke to be held at Micamera on June 9, 2024. Link here.

Gaia Giani is a visual artist living and working in Milan. She is currently working on a long-term project on landscape, memory and deep ecology. Her website here

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