Please Notify the Sun – Stephen Gill (signed)


Nobody Books, 2021
Hardback, 21,6 x 27cm
168 pages, 111 color photographs
English text

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It was in 2017 that I began to get the feeling that a single fish could contain a universe of infinite proportions and how amazing a journey inside its body could be. So I started researching everything I needed to embark on such an expedition. By January 2020 I had already built a countertop, obtained a microscope, camera, optics, lights, and a refrigerator.

Mentally, however, I was far from ready; I lacked perhaps the courage, time, energy, and mental strength to embark on this unknown journey. In February, the world was exposed and ended up in the unimaginable grip of the pandemic. This void in time, with all the limited movement, somehow represented a platform from which I could finally begin my journey to the inside of the fish.

Knowing it would be a time-sensitive trip as the decay of the flesh of the fish caught began the next day, I started what ended up being a ten-week trip. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was going to encounter along the way or how sick I was to become during the making of this work.

– Stephen Gill

Signed copies

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