Protest Photographs – Chauncey Hare


Steidl / Steven Kasher Gallery, 2009 (I edition)
Hardcover, 25×31 cm
372 pages, b/w photographs
English text

Very good overall conditions, slight traces of time on the dust jacket. Slightly loose spine, perfect interior.

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Chauncey Hare documents the ordinary and claustrophobic reality of suburban America in the early 1970s and its inhabitants, victims of the unexpected and disconcerting implications of the American Dream.
The beautifully printed photographs take up the legacy of authors such as Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange, who were active in the field of social photography, and undoubtedly belong to the so-called Social Landscape of the 1960s; Hare’s research also parallels that of Robert Adams, who published his famous ‘The New West’ in 1974.

” [Hare’s America] is an America where the cracks in the plaster, the piles of dirty dishes in the sink and the stains on the linoleum make up a hieroglyphic of despair.
… After reading Hare’s introduction, I can say that these are not simply photographs of interiors of American houses, but images of the author’s interiority. He himself experienced the alienation and despair of these images” – Theodore Roszak

Hare gave up photography altogether in 1985 to devote himself, with a degree in psychology, to helping workers – the same ones he had portrayed in their empty, desolate homes a decade earlier – to combat abuses of power in the workplace.

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