Remote Scottish Postboxes – Martin Parr


RRB Photobooks, 2017
Softcover, 29×25,5 cm
88 pages, color photographs
English text

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“Remote Scottish Postboxes” takes the form of a red box containing six files named according to island and mainland regions of Scotland; each file includes a topographical map of the territory and the coordinates of the postboxes photographed by Parr during a series of trips made between 2004 and 2010.

Known for photographic projects portraying aspects of modern British life with an intimate, satirical and anthropological gaze, the celebrated British photographer departs somewhat from his usual production with this project in which social documentation gives way to an almost conceptual seriality in the interpretation of the landscape.

Susie Parr, the author’s wife, writes: “When you are in the middle of nowhere, in a bleak landscape and in wild weather, these little post boxes are strangely comforting, a sign that other people are around, that life is going on, and that you are connected to the world”

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