Respiro – Fabio Boni


Self, 2020
Softcover + slipcase, cm 19,5×26,5
96 pages, color photographs
12 pages booklet, b/w photographs
Italian, English

Edition of 120 signed and numbered copies of which 15 with a signed and numbered photograph

Available on backorder

I started photographing Maura’s garden in the autumn of 2018, we had been talking about it for quite some time, but by that time the ideas were starting to become clearer. The last photographs were taken in the summer of 2020.
The changes in the plants and the colours of the seasons dictated the timing of the project, which followed a regular rhythm, finding its development in nature. Over time I printed several images, gradually building up a portfolio that evolved into the theoretical as well as the practical structure of the project. These images led us to a final outcome, published in this book.

Maura’s garden is a changing place, which naturally follows the cycle of the seasons, but at the same time is shaped by the life stories of the people who frequent and inhabit it. ‘Trees are a presence, a force, a necessity, they are memories of stories and people, they are part of the memory of those who planted them and cherish them’.

Fabio Boni

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