Rimini Nord – Guido Guidi


Musei Comunali di Rimini, 1992
Softcover, 24 x 30 cm
52 pages, color photographs
Italian text

Excellent condition

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A rare book, published for the exhibition at Palazzo Gambalunga, Rimini, in 1992.

Inside, the text written by Paolo Costantini begins with a quote by Italo Calvino (from the 1972 essay ‘Lo sguardo dell’archeologo’, the archaeologist’s gaze):

We have been aware of this for a while: the storehouse of materials accumulated by humanity – mechanisms, commodities, markets, institutions, documents, emblem poems, photograms, opera picta, arts and crafts, encyclopaedias, cosmologies, grammars, topoi and figures of speech, parental and tribal and corporate relations, myths and rituals, operational models – can no longer be kept in order.

Again, Costantini:

The spaces where the analytical practice (…) of Guidi’s photography takes shape and meaning are spaces that can only be defined by progressive approximations (…). To collect, to indicate, to catalogue: to try to give form to attention. These are fragile, complex spaces (…)

The photographs in the exhibition and published in the book were taken between September, 14 and  October 14, 1991.

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