Riprendiamoci la vita: immagini del movimento delle donne – images by Paola Agosti

Savelli, 1976
Softbound, 29,7 x 21,4 cm
80 pages, black and white photographs
Italian text

Perfect overall conditions

“We have written this book petrified by fear”.

This series of photographs by Paola Agosti recount the moment when the women ‘came out of the kitchens’ and started the riots. It was the mid 70s, a period of unrest and struggles that shook Italian society from its foundations.

The divorce law of 1974 was a major breakthrough, and served as a trigger to start a chain of claims: the right to responsible motherhood, the decriminalization of abortion, the right to kindergartens, an equal pay.

Paola Agosti, taking part in the riots, witnessed not only the strong words of the protest, but also people, faces, anger, joy and a sense of sharing and freedom never experienced before.

These photos can and want to be an instrument of political intervention on the reality that these women have tried to live in the movement and outside of it. They are a method of communicating the experience that would deserve to be studied and discussed collectively, to draw new insights and new spaces of freedom.

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