Risk – Buck Ellison


Ideanow, 2024
Hardcover, 24,5 x 32 cm
144 pages, 53 color photographs
English text

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The photographs in Risk are made by cannibalising the style and language of a corporate advertisement or lifestyle magazine catalogue. They are meticulously staged representations of ‘white’ wealth and privilege. They are so accurate that they become inseparable from the subject they represent.

Accompanying the photographs is a no-holds-barred conversation between the author and artist Vishal Judgeo, a glimpse of which can be found below:

Vishal Jugdeo: I resisted looking at your photos the first time I saw them at Hammer Museum in 2021. I thought to myself, a white guy makes photoconceptualism about whiteness and builds a career, cool. I thought their inclusion in Made In L.A. was an error, taking up space that other histories could have occupied .

Buck Ellison: It would be strange if you had any other reaction. I know my pictures’ stolid muteness and unclear allegiance are unsettling. They likely leave the viewer questioning my motivations as an artist and person. But unfortunately, I’ve found the works only succeed when they sit in this ambivalence, when they invite moments of what the fuck is this image of white people doing in a museum show? This discomfort mirrors how whiteness presents itself as bland and harmless, even slightly noble, but is indeed extractive and violent.

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