Enghelab Street. A revolution through books: Iran 1979 – 1983 – Hannah Darabi


Spector Books, 2019
Softbound, 24 x 33 cm
540 pages, 750 color and black and white photographs
English text

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With this book, author Hannah Darabi takes us to a specific place and time: Rue Enghelab, the epicenter of book sales in the Iranian capital, in the period immediately following the fall of the Shah and prior to the establishment of the Islamic regime.
These years constitute a time apart in the history of Iranian publishing: the creation and distribution of books reaches a peak that has never been equalled again, but propaganda is already creeping into the publications.

To suggest further interpretations to her archival work, Darabi builds a dialogue between the books of that period and her artistic production, consisting of photographs of her hometown, Teheran, and her family.

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