Sakasa – Chloé Jafé (full trilogy)


the(M) éditions / IBASHO, 2023
Hardcover, 21 x 28 cm
3 books, b/n photographs
English and japanese text

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Over the years, Chloé Jafé has developed a viscerally personal visual style.
During the years she spent in Japan (2013 to 2019), the author produced biting black-and-white images, at once tender and fierce, that reveal an unprecedented view of a fascinating country, far from the gaze of us Westerners.
This trilogy, comprising the chapters ‘I give you my life’, ‘Okinawa mon amour’ and ‘How I met Jiro’, sheds light on the little-known and subversive aspects of an archipelago where the sense of decency is strict.

When she left in 2013, Chloé Jafé planned to make a multimedia work about women in the Japanese mafia. Only after learning Japanese and fully immersing herself in Japanese culture, particularly that of the ‘Yakuza’, the author was able to complete this project.
During this period, Jafé discoverd Okinawa island. Her sentimental wanderings took the form of a diary, which four years later became ‘Okinawa mon amour’, the second volume of the trilogy.
Then, in 2018, in the Nishinari district of Osaka, the author was confronted with a different and unknown Japan. It was then that she started planning the third part of his trilogy.

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