Scena dell’idillio – Sandro Pandolfi


Il fotogramma, 1982
Softcover, 12,5 x 21,5 cm
16 pages, b/w photographs
Italian text

Excellent overall condition, undamaged with slight signs of time

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Sandro Pandolfi depicts the ‘idyll scene’ (an expression coined by Schiller) by playing on seductive displacements within a scenic frame: natural or architectural elements are captured in the centre of a halo that completely detaches them from their context. What remains of tangible is only the figure of the woman, who hides her face, as if it were the image of a dreamed face, outside of time, outside of history, either of the author himself or of anyone reflected in it.

Bianconero / Lafotografia: series directed by Giovanni Semerano
Introduction by Filiberto Menna. Published by the Centro Culturale dell’Immagine Il fotogramma.

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