SCRAPBOOKS – Dans l’imaginaire des cinéastes


Delpire, 2023 Softcover, 23×27 cm 232 pages, color and b/w photographs French text

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The scrapbook was born out of the search for meaning: it is a poor art, without constraint. Born from an Anglo-Saxon practice mixing photo album and diary, it can gather photographs as well as drawings, stamps, postcards, press clippings or invitation cards. The multiple creative possibilities of collages that it offers justify that many artists have seized it to compose new universes, as is the case of avant-garde filmmakers of the second half of the twentieth century such as Derek Jarman, Agnès Varda, Chris Marker, or more recently Pedro Costa and Bertrand Mandico.

This book presents some of the most beautiful scrapbooks of filmmakers, who are also photographers, poets or artists. It offers a journey to the origin of the creation of their films, giving access to private documents, revealing the intimacy at the heart of the creative process. The book focuses on artists with a radical practice, pushing the boundaries of self-fiction to the limit, which today is extended by practices such as Instagram, of which the album is perhaps the unknown ancestor. For Matthieu Orléan, if films constitute a cinema present, the scrapbook is both their past -the place of their invention and their sketch- and their future -their archive. A link, sometimes missing, but fundamental to understanding the circulation, survival and apotheosis of contemporary images.

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