SÉLÉNÉ – Paul Cupido (numbered and signed edition)

Filigranes, 2023
softcover, 17 x 22 cm
112 pages, color and b/w images
French and English text

numbered and signed edition of 800 copies

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Château Palmer is a winery in the Bordeaux region. Together with Leica, it launched an artist residency, which in its first edition hosted Dutch photographer Paul Cupido. This book, resulting from that experience is a very successful example of how a company and an author can collaborate on an artist’s project. Born in 1972 in the Netherlands, Paul Cupido works delicately, seeking out the elusive and eternal beauty of nature.

“During my visits to Château Palmer, I had the opportunity to meet and get to know the people, see its geographical location along the rich banks of the Garonne, and get a taste of the château’s philosophy and heritage, and the circular way the beautiful wines are made. I was very impressed by the château, the animals, the soil, the growing, the devotion. My goal and wish are to make a poetic interpretation of these elements, like a composer conveying feelings into notes or a winemaker interpreting what nature gives us.”

Selene è una divinità greca, personificazione della luna. “Idealmente e creativamente – ha proseguito Cupido – Séléné è legata anche ad altre fonti, come il racconto popolare giapponese del tagliatore di bambù. Nella viticoltura biologicamente dinamica di Château Palmer, la posizione della luna è essenziale. Il titolo è arrivato d’istinto e mi è sembrato subito azzeccato. “

The images are accompanied by poems by Ryoko Sekiguchi.

Edition of 800 copies, signed and numbered by the author..

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