Self/Portrait – Teresa Eng (limited edition with print)


Self, 2016
Hardback, 21,5 x 26,5 cm
52 pages, 69 color photographs
Engish text

Edition of 100 copies numbered and signed with print 


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Teresa Eng considers today’s Chinese society but also our complex relationship with technology and its role in defining who we are. In these photographs passers-by, that the photographer has stopped, are portrayed in the light of the LEDs of a shopping mall.
They are almost always young ‘Millennials’ who, in addition to being digital natives, are the first generation born at a time when Chinese society was already in transition to capitalism.

The pages of the book juxtapose the image taken by the artist with selfies made by passers-by.
You immediately notice the difference between the fiction of the selfie and the spontaneousness of a face portrayed in its authenticity, to the point of making it difficult to recognize the face of the photographed person.

Edition of 100 copies numbered and signed with print 

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