Self Portraits & Other Scenes – Rikard Österlund (signed with print)


Ampigt Förlag, 2021
Softcover, 17 x 23 cm
56 pages, b/w photographs
English text

Edition of 200 numbered signed copies with print

In stock

Self Portraits & Other Scenes constitutes a fragmented photographic diary.
Rather than focusing on one subject or theme, these images have a loose, associative relationship with no set chronological or thematic order. They present a bid for freedom and propose a deliberate departure from the descriptive. The mix of different techniques (from wet plate collodion to smartphone) reflect an newfound instinctive approach, whether at the moment of capture or through the developing and selection process.

The publication (200 numbered and signed copies) is entirely hand finished with 8 tipped-in images; it is furthermore accompanied by a signed print (12 x 16,5 cm)

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