Silvia Camporesi – Mirabilia

Corraini, 2023
Hardcover, 27×39 cm
139 pages, color photographs
Italian text

“For every place we look in the world there is one in Italy that we have not yet seen. It can be the theatre of Pietravairano, the unfinished Venosa, the sacred well of Santa Cristina, the cavern of the Sibyl in Cuma, the red lake of Trentino, the megaliths of Argimusco, the piscine Mirabilis, the lake of Pilato, the abbey of San Galgano and San Vito in Polignano, Capo Colonna and the Tavole Palatine in Metaponto, the rock engravings in Val Camonica, the necropolis of Pantalica and the Malatestiana library in Cesena: Italy never ends’. Franco Arminio

. With Mirabilia Silvia Camporesi goes on a journey in search of special places, wonders of nature, unusual museums. Her interest in everything that can be defined as irregular and non-canonical leads her to embark on a unique journey both for the beauty of these places – for the most part off the classic tourist routes, they tend not to be easy to reach, not very frequented – and for the particular suggestions they offer. While treasures such as San Galgano or Villa Adriana in Tivoli may be familiar to us, very few will have heard of the Agostinelli Museum in Dragona, the underground temple of the Damanhur or the Villa Rossi Park in Santorso.

Guided by the author’s gaze, we travel through an Italy that seems out of time, a country of “estranging beauty”, where every photograph generates wonder and functions as an opening onto an inner landscape, bringing with it a sense of disorientation and disquiet.

Texts by Franco Arminio, Maria Vittoria Baravelli and a dialogue between Silvia Camporesi and Cesare Pomarici enrich the book.

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