South East – Mark Steinmetz (2nd edition)


Nazraeli, 2020 (2nd edition)
Hardback, 30.5 x 33 cm
80 pages, 67 black and white photographs
English text


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Mark Steinmetz is an observer of American society.

Heir to a great photographic tradition to which important authors such as Garry Winogrand or Lee Friedlander have contributed, Steinmetz has chosen the south of the United States, Georgia, Tennessee and Louisiana, as a privileged and natural set to carry out his story. With a strongly filmic style, also influenced by Italian cinema, people and places spring from an unplanned “flanerie”.

In poetic and narrative sequences, the subjects appear suspended in time, thanks also to the masterful use of a black and white that dyes each scene with an apparently impalpable but in reality strongly characterizing patina.

Steinmetz captures and recounts the sense of disappointment and isolation of the new generations left on the margins of the great American dream, questioning the very notion of progress. An issue never addressed directly but entrusted to the recurring presence of symbols that allude to the socio-economic condition.

Each photograph is like a fragment of an overall picture describing the country. An open photograph, a work that poses questions and does not take refuge in hasty solutions. As Winogrand used to say: “photographs that ask questions – and do not aim to explain things.

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