Speaking of Scars – Teresa Eng (signed)


If / Then Books, 2013 (1st edition)
Hardback, 17.5×23.5 cm
68 pages, 50 color photographs


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“What can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Photography is particularly ill equipped to visualize the ineffable or to address what can’t be easily expressed in words. Bound to its indexical nature, photographs are frustratingly tethered to their subject matter.
Yet, this limitation and challenge makes photography  particularly rich medium. The tension between the actual and suggested meanings of an image is often key to its power.
In skilled hands, photography is able to deal and impart significance to memory and trauma.

During a 3-year period, photography was used by Teresa Eng to process an experience that couldn’t be processed easily.
In the book memory takes the form of images, as it repeats and reconfigures itself around new and existing experiences.

In Speaking of Scars, we are drawn closely into Eng’s own therapeutic process. Refracted through her trauma and difficult memories, the work takes us along with her slow recovery. Forced to make connections and see the subtle relationships through Eng’s eyes, we see that however powerful images may be in revealing the world around us, they can also suggest deeper, unspoken and evolving meanings.


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