Stereotipi – Olivo Barbieri, Enzo e Raffaello Bassotto, Luigi Ghirri


Della Scala Edizioni, 1991
Softcover, 24 x 24 cm
47 pages, color and b/w photographs
Italian text

Excellent condition

In stock

Exploring the concept of the stereotype, the book brings together portraits of bodybuilders and photographs of urban and natural landscapes in which the human figure from subject becomes a unit of measurement of the vastness of space.

With photographs by Olivo Barbieri, Enzo and Raffaello Bassotto and Luigi Ghirri, and numerous introductory texts, including one by Ghirri himself.

“Once an object representing a category is present, it will tend to saturate the preconceptions by pouring the knowledge it contains onto it, leading the subject to perceive it accordingly. Categories in turn are the result of the social knowledge of the group; it can also be said that an individual belongs to a group when he or she shares the same categorical system with others. It is within this system that stereotypes find easy access; it is generally unconscious and extremely ductile.”
– From the text of Gianpaolo Ferrari

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