Storie vere – Sophie Calle


Contrasto, 2022
Hardcover, 14×19 cm
144 pages, b/n and colors photographs
Italian text

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Storie vere is the first book translated into Italian by the French photographer, writer and artist. A work in progress unique of its kind, Storie vere, released in France in 1994 and then regularly reprinted in enriched and reworked versions, presents the short texts and images Sophie Calle has collected over time as a very special intimate diary.
A small ‘summary’ of her work, a notebook of her life made up of thoughts, memories, encounters where, for each short text, an image completes the fragment of existence that Sophie wishes to share. Childhood reminiscences, her relationship with her parents, her husband, thoughts, unusual experiences, irreverent games, humour and melancholy: her existential notebook is full of anecdotes, depth and fun. With her work, Sophie Calle brings the private world of the artist back into the public context of art, somehow redefining the very notion of fiction. With precise and sober language, sometimes light, sometimes serious and dramatic, the stories Sophie Calle tells us trace her path as an unusual woman and artist, accustomed to moving in territories where fiction and truth intertwine and blur. Since the end of the 1970s, Sophie Calle has developed her autobiographical recite-fictions accompanied by photographs, playing with all possible combinations of text and image, reality and staging. Sophie Calle has made her whole life a kind of real-time autobiography, which she has painstakingly kept for years, recounting herself, staging her body and through it her fears, her problems, her aspirations, her dreams. Storie vere is a synthesis of his entire artistic and biographical journey.

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