Suicidal Birds – Sebastian Rogowski (signed)


Self, 2020
Hardback, 20 x 30 cm
Color photographs
English text

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“I’ve never hit an animal while driving. Not a dog, not a fox, not a hare. Not once in 20 years has a bird smashed through my windshield. And all of a sudden, “boom!” One blow after another, a dozen, if not dozens of bird bodies fall under the dust of the clouds on a dirt road. For the first time in my life, here in Kazakhstan… Then the second, the third, until it became a common sight. I saw tiny sparrows, numerous large birds, and even giant eagles that were settling down. It was no coincidence. It’s collective suicide!”

Sebastian Rogowska sets off on a journey through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan a bit like birds crashing into the windscreen of his car. The goal was to spend a few months behind the wheel, to realize the childhood dream of being on the road, to stop time.

“They say that birds, like people, sometimes climb up high”; Rogowski takes his cue from the birds that ‘commit suicide’ by crashing into the windscreens of cars, only to finally land on the ground. Finally, the author takes a dive behind the steering wheel, in order to realize the dream of the childish self to be on the road.

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