Supernatura – Annamaria Belloni


Postcart, 2021
1st edition, 500 copies
Hardback, 24×30 cm
63 pages, color photographs
Italian and English

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Supernatura is a visionary tale about the difficult and controversial relationship between nature and contemporary man, where human beings, in the age-old attempt to subdue it, are losing real contact with it and risk being overwhelmed, both by its fury when disrespected and by its beauty, whether majestic or only whispered.

“[…] the feeling is that nature is watching us from the sidelines, perhaps indifferent to our destiny, but that it is still offering us a foothold, throwing us a lifeline in a stormy sea, so that we can find ourselves again: it is precisely the possibility of this encounter that pushes me to take pictures, the sudden discovery of some flash of true connection between man and nature – something increasingly rare and splendid – within a forced and necessary coexistence.”
Annamaria Belloni


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