Swimming Pools in Milan – Stefan Giftthaler


Artphilein, 2023
Box set, 21 x 15 cm
Color photographs
English and Italian text

Cardboard box set with photobook and A2 poster

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Swimming Pools in Milan was born in 2016, on an early summer’s day, when Stefan Giftthaler found himself at the Argelati pool in Milan, the city’s first open-air swimming centre later renovated and extended by architect Arrigo Arrighetti in the mid-20th century. The aesthetics of the pool took him back to his childhood, when his parents used to take him to public swimming pools to escape the heat of the city.

The smell of the chlorine, the sound of the water, the buzz of the people, the sensations: everything was like a memory resurfacing from the past. Milan is not the city I grew up in, but I have tried to portray its swimming pools as if they were places in my memory, to which I am attached. . – Stefan Giftthaler

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