Tania Franco Klein – Positive Disintegration (II ed.)


Self, 2022
Hardcover, 21,5×28 cm
98 pages, color photographs
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The atmospheric photographs in Tania Franco Klein’s photobook Positive Disintegration consistently capture a particular mood, a place where heightened emotion tips over into psychological exhaustion. Her pictures pull us through a wandering road trip of anonymous spaces, where solitary women seem to do battle with their own demons, their desperations and escapes never fully articulated. The glamour of their lives has faded a bit, and a hangover of anxiety and estrangement has set in.

At the center of the Mexican photographer’s open-ended narrative lies a series of performative female characters dressed in a variety of wigs, large glasses, and red lipstick. Often lost in introspective thought, they stand in empty parking lots, vacantly gaze out windows, curl up on carpeted floors, and sit slumped on motel beds, seemingly muted by the unseen forces that have worn them down. The staged scenes liberally draw from film noir and Mexican telenovelas, but the dramas they present are much more subtle and introspective.

Given the broad influence of Cindy Sherman and her images of female archetypes, it’s difficult for any young photographer who decides to use herself (or other models) to stage scenes to find her own distinct voice without seeming derivative. Contemporary photographers like Alex Prager and Anja Niemi have worked hard to separate themselves from Sherman’s shadow, finding their own bright pathways into the inner lives of their female characters. In this case, Franco Klein has taken a more indirect approach with her fictional subjects, focusing less on their confident individuality or the precariousness of their situations, and more on their ability to evoke complex states of vulnerability and emotion.

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