THE AMERIGUNS – GABRIELE GALIMBERTI (Limted edition with print)


Skinnerboox (e Dewi Lewis), 2020
Hardback, 22×27 cm
136 pages, color and black and white photographs
English and italian text

Limited edition of 30 copies contaning a print numbered and signed by the author.

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Of all the guns in the world owned by private citizens for non-military purposes, half are found in the United States of America. Their amount exceed the population of the country: 393 million guns for 372 million people.

It is not a coincidence, nor a marketing matter: it is rather a matter of tradition and constitutional guarantee. It is the story of the Second Amendment, ratified in 1791 to reassure the inhabitants of the new independent territories that their federal government will never be able to abuse its authority over them.

Two hundred and fifty years later, the Second Amendment is still rooted in all aspects of American life and this book frames its current state through what are seen as four fundamental American values: Family, Freedom, Passion, Style.

Photographer Gabriele Galimberti has traveled to every corner of the United States, from New York City to Honolulu, to meet proud gun owners and to see their gun collections. He photographed people and guns in their homes and neighborhoods, even in places where no one would expect to find such collections. These often disturbing portraits, together with the stories accompanying the owners and their firearms, based on interviews, provide an unexpected and uncommon view of what the Second Amendment really represents today.

Limited edition of 30 copies contaning a print numbered and signed by the author.

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