The Ballad of Sexual Dependency – Nan Goldin


Aperture, 2021
Hardcover, 26×24 cm
146 pages, color photographs
English text

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Ballata del magnaccia (Tango Ballad)
from Bertold Brecht, L’opera da tre soldi

O giorni belli, che passammo là
A far l’amore in piena libertà
E quando a soldi si era un po’ nei guai
Tu mi dicevi: “Come, non lo sai?
Della camicia a meno si fa!”

E allora io diventavo un po’ cattiva
Ti rinfacciavo le porcate che facevi
E tu mi davi un cazzottone in bocca
E andavo a letto con la faccia blu
Eppure mai dimenticar potrò
Quel caro luogo dove ci si amò

The Ballad of Sexual Dependency is a diary I left open for people to read, it is how I maintain control over my life. It allows me to almost obsessively capture every detail.
– Nan Goldin

The Ballad of Sexual Dependency was not intended to be a book. For several years it is a kind of performance: Goldin projects images, accompanying them with music. It is no coincidence that the title was inspired by a song by Bertoldt Brecht. The selection and sequence changes each time. Apparently one of the first occasions was in 1978 on the occasion of Frank Zappa’s birthday – only in 1986 did Aperture stop the sequence in a book. They are snapshots of her private, intimate life: friends, excesses, loves, despair, joy, addiction. Together with Nan Goldin we left Boston and moved to New York in the 1970s: the work is built entirely on a subjective point of view.

In the introductory essay, she tells of her childhood, her desire to escape, the suicide of her sister to whom she was very close and to whom the Ballad is dedicated. She recalls his love for Brian the ‘bad guy’, the violence he suffered, the addiction to her body.

Yet in Goldin’s photography, there is no room for nostalgia. “If every photograph is a story, then the accumulation of these images approaches the experience of memory. It is a story without end’.

Nan Goldin’s work has inspired and continues to inspire many authors. Evident is the influence it has exerted on the imagination of the world close to fashion. Among the most convincing heirs, the work of Corinne Day, the photographer who launched Kate Moss’ career, comes to mind…

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