The Dailies (Expanded Edition) – Thomas Demand


MACK, 2023
Hardcover, 21,5 x 24,5 cm
96 pages, color photographs
English and French text

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The Dailies collects snapshots of a world unmistakably our own yet equally strange. Made through Thomas Demand’s renowned practice of constructing, photographing, and destroying meticulous paper models, this series captures minor, everyday moments based on iPhone photographs.

Viewed together, they are an inventory of traces – signs of consumption, evidence of people just departed or out of sight, spectres of things left behind.

Demand describes the series as a form of Haiku: simple fragments strung together to inspire reflection and help us take stock of our daily lives. Just as they trigger deja vu through their performed, minimal repetition, they ask us to look again, and afresh, to discover an ordinary yet enlightening beauty.

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