The ecology of images – Jacopo Benassi (firmato)


Le Dictateur, 2008
Copertina rigida, 24,5 x 30 cm
448 pagine, fotografie a colori e b/n
Lingua italiana e inglese


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“The Ecology of Images” is the first, ambitious, intense publishing project from communication agency 1861 United: 445 images with the unmistakable signature of artist and photographer Jacopo Benassi from La Spezia.
Ecological images: not retouched, not post-produced, not glossy, not manipulated, not artificial; capturing us with the pure enchantment of naked truth. A surprising machine-gun shot of objects and lives, stratified on top of each other. Traces and faces: ruddy, thin, modern, uneven, lofty, modest, aged, charming, brash, stupefied, spoiled, childish, generous, asthmatic, serene, marginal. Really beautiful, really ugly. Jacopo Benassi, according to writer Maurizio Maggiani, “receives orders from the sky, where the Archive of Human Matter is being kept. His work is the work of the seagull, of the golden dung fly, of the golden scarab.” A work which cleans us up from the surface crust, “so we can look at each other knowing we will be seen”.
A big, hefty, wide-shouldered book, a heavyweight, a book which exists.

Edizione limitata di 1000 copie numerate, le nostre firmate dall’autore!

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