The Essential Solitude – Tereza Zelenkova (signed)


Void, 2021
Hardback, 24×32 cm
80 pages, black and white photographs

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When the Financial Times commissioned Czech artist Tereza Zelenkova to photograph her favourite place in London, the choice immediately fell on the bizarre home of Dennis Severs. The man has transformed a five-storey 18th century building into a sort of time capsule where interiors from a bygone era are the undisputed stars. Severs lived there until his death in 2000; today the house is a museum open to the public.

The artist chose Severs’ house and turned it into a stage on which to project her bizarre creativity. The leading actress is embodied by a mysterious woman whose distinctive feature is her extraordinary hair that falls to the floor.

The special feature of Zelenkova’s work is its extraordinary performance quality. The protagonist moves within a melancholic setting, creating wistful narratives that leave room for our imagination and interpretation. “The Essential Solitude” is a cleverly constructed visual narrative, in which reality is encouraged to wander into the world of dreams and the solitary moments of a faceless character open up many possible narratives.

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